Monday, May 29, 2006

How do I improve English ability through using learning resource? It goes without saying; there are many ways to improve our English ability rapidly. As everyone knows, learning English includes listening, speaking, reading and writing. And learning resource can be everywhere if you want. You can find it on internet, library and book stores. I would like to introduce my learning tips to you, so we can improve our English ability.
At the beginning, listening to the popular English songs or some bilingual radios is the easiest way to improve English. You can also singing after it. It is a good way to train listening and speaking ability. At first, you can not be afraid of speaking in public. So, singing after it would make you have courage to speak. You may have more confidence by practicing again and again. Have you ever heard “practice makes perfect”? You can give it a try! If you want to get advanced information, listening the English radio like ICRT, watching CNN or foreign movies are good choice. You can try to write English composition or diary every day to improve your writing ability. Sometimes, you can use free time to talk to foreigners. Like going to church on holidays and using skype to connect others.
I have learned English for almost ten years. I always try to find some ways to get the latest information to learn English. You need a good attitude towards learning. These are all my suggestions about learning English.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

1.Online shopping can help people turn extra stuff into cash,and provide people almost unlimited market for everything.
2.Garage sale in ebay has soon spread quickly around the globe and Asia market is the most potential in the future.
3.You can browsing some sites and make your money more profitable at home.
4.The internet auction has been a popular trade way for many countries.
5.It's eay to sell or buy something on the internet auction,and sellers is responsible for shipping.
6.I can have a auction to decide the price and choose the goods what I want.

Monday, April 03, 2006

The future of internet
Nowadays, the internet has played the most important role in modern society. More and more people learn how to operate computers and use internet well. It's a great revolution in recent years. You must believe the internet will be more powerful in the future.
In my opinion, the internet is a superb way to communicate other people, get all the knowledge from the world, gossip with friends. So, you have lots of opportunities to have a conversation with foreigners. I suppose that the internet will transfer the image and voice to another planet, you might see aliens from the universe. Absolutely, it's an exciting goal to accomplish this target.
In the end, it's hard to imagine what the internet will become for now. The internet progress too quickly to imagine. Although, the internet has developed extremely almighty, you can never guess what the next step will be. That’s all about my reflection to the future of internet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1. Winter Olympic competition .Define the games of Winter Olympic?
Snowboarding is a boardsport on snow similar to skiing, but inspired by surfing and skateboarding. Snowboarding is an increasingly common winter sport throughout the world.
A snowboarder's equipment consists of a snowboard, snowboarding boots, bindings to attach their boots to the board, as well as snowboarding-specific winter clothing. Snowboarding became a Winter Olympic Games medal-eligible sport in 1998. Other events that focus on snowboarding are the annual European and U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships and the Winter X-Games. These events are hosted by various winter resorts in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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Bonnie Warner is an American luge specialist.
A luge is small one- or two-person sled on which one sleighs supine and feet-first. Steering is done by flexing the sled's runners or pulling straps attached to the sled's runners. Luge is also the name of the sport which involves racing with such sleds.

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Curling, a precision sport similar to bowls or bocce, is played on ice with polished heavy stones. The level of precision and complex nature of the strategic thinking required to win in curling has led it to be referred to as "chess on ice."

2. What is Olympic spirit?
3. Where is the city, Winter Olympic? Describe its location and map?
4. Who is Olympic hopeful(potential players in Olympic)?Why?
5. How do the countries from warmer climates have a shot at taking home the gold?= champion,medal,premium,prize

Monday, February 13, 2006

Today is February 14th.'s Valentine's day.The saddest thing is we can't accompany our valentines.Because of our identity......the cadets. We have no free time and many rules to obey.As a leader,

Monday, January 02, 2006

Nowadays, the weather has a huge change. It’s getting hotter and hotter during these years. In this situation, all scientists try hard to find the reason, and do their best to solve them. What causes the global warming is just carbon dioxide, which is a murderer killing our living quality. The solar energy is one of the most useful energy for us, which is producing by the sun. It won’t pollute our environment.
The most important thing is how we improve it. First at all, we need to reduce carbon dioxide as soon as possible. The factories are the biggest ones producing garbage gas. And some vehicles are able to affect our nature environment. We can make this vehicle solar so that can reduce garbage gas. Otherwise, we can also cultivate more trees or green plants. There are something we need to know, such as high temperature, glaciers melting and greenhouse effect. Almost every country is finding second energy for substitution. If we can really succeed, the nature environment would not be destroyed.
As everyone knows, we just only own the unique earth. We have no chance to live in another planet until scientists discover we can truly exist in Mars. Human beings should preserve this earth for the next generation.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Today ,our commander will leave us.Though,I'm not so familiar with him,he still educated us for more than two years.He'll promote and be a gerneral.I have a lot of memory about him.He's not only a gorgeous leader but a kind man.He always encouraged us,and he concerned all of students. The commander is strict to everyone,but giving all of them many opportunities.
Be honestly,he's a man with nice personality,patience,deligence and tolerance.I admire him.It's
true to type these.Anyway,time goes by,and there's no perpetual officer.We'll get stronger. Believe me.